Welcome to The Grossgold Clinic Cancer Care

We are dedicated to practicing world-class science-based medicine.. I am a traditional cardiologist with 42 years in hospital medicine. We now combine this with new integrative therapies. With new testing and new treatments, we can optimize your health and extend your lifespan.

We have developed new cutting-edge therapies for stage IV cancers, cancer metastasis, and cancers unresponsive to traditional therapies. We also specialize in Lyme disease and complex chronic disease. Welcome to the new personalized medicine called Precision medicine. These are unique treatments tailored to each patients’ genes testing. They are targeted therapies unique to each patient based on molecular evaluation and extensive biochemical evaluation

Dean R. Silver, MD
Board Certify Internal Medicine
Board Certify Cardiology

Andreas M. Grossgold, MD, Ph.D
Board Certify Internal Medicine
Board Certify Integrative Medicine
Board Certify Naturopathic Physician